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22160 Ventura Blvd

Woodland Hills, CA 91364


Villa is located in one of Woodland Hills historic restaurant sites. The original home of Eckbergs Steak House of the 1960's and 70's, which was actually a home converted to a 10 table restaurant on Ventura Blvd just off the Shoup exit. After the business changed hands in the early 80's, the original home/restaurant was expanded and transformed (with much of the original framing intact) into several incarnations under the same ownership.

Known for the amazing French food in Los Angeles, Lautrec became a destination for foodies and lovers alike, later to renew itself as Villa Piacere, a favorite spot for special occasions and weddings in the San Fernando Valley.

Now, as visually reimagined by top interior designer, Thomas Schoos, The Villa is returning to its "home" themed aesthetic with a  careful attention to detail creating a warm and inviting space.

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